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SHPL- Library Board



(From left to right)
Susan Biolchini
June Hughes
Jo Berthet
Donald Schinzing, President
David E. Brown




The Library Board of Trustees is a five member advisory board appointed by City Council to review and recommend long term goals, policies, and procedures in order to provide quality library services for all residents. The Board represents and promotes the library to the community.

The meetings are scheduled on the third Monday of each month from September - June at 5:30 p.m. in the Library Conference Room on the second floor.


The primary mission and purpose of the Library Board of Trustees is to promote, advocate, and consistently strive to achieve the highest level of library service for residents of Sterling Heights.

    • A. To review and recommend long-term goals, policies, and procedures in order to provide quality library service.
    • Goals:


      1. To review and approve updated circulation, confidentiality, memorial book, and privacy act compliance policies.
      2. To recommend the library's proposed operating budget each year.
    • B. To represent and promote the library to the community.
    • Goals:


      1. To review, evaluate, and respond to user requests and comments concerning library services and collections.
      2. To cultivate a positive working relationship with community organizations and the Suburban Library Cooperative for the planning and implementation of library services.
    • C. To identify future library services and building needs.
    • Goals:


    1. To implement the American Library Association's 5-year planning process.
    2. To review potential building plans for expansion of library into police department building.